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Protect your tuition investment.

Life is unpredictable, let us help you

Protect My Tuition leverages world-class resources to protect one of your most important investments – the education of your children.


Protect My Tuition™ is an investment in your child’s education and protection for your contractual obligation to your school. We offer a tuition insurance plan that meets the unique needs of your school’s geographic and demographic characteristics. Contact your local school administrator to learn more about this tuition protection insurance.

School Administrators

Protect My Tuition™ provides a customizable tuition insurance program for your school to protect your bottom line and continue to deliver the quality educational experience your student’s desire.  With our Protect My Tuition™ platform, you will be able to design a plan with varying co-insurance percentages for every peril, and you are not limited to generic percentages. Request your Custom Proposal Today or contact us for more information at 844-515-4197.